From community bike shops, to makerspaces, to repair cafes, something big is happening. Where do we see maker culture in Toronto in 5 years? Join us for lightning talks, brainstorming, and of course, snacks, as we begin to make connections and look to the future.

Contact us at q@littledada.ca

Make Change is a one day conference for professional makers, makerspace organizers, educators and enthusiasts presented by Little Dada. We are exploring the growing influence of maker culture as a force for change in Toronto. How has it changed our lives, the way we work, and our communities.

Maker Festival
is a great time for our communities But the hustle and bustle of the main event doesn’t leave much time to connect with other exhibitors. This event is intended to provide a generative space for practitioners to share more about their work and process. Introductory talks and workshops by necessity are most of the offerings around the maker community, so we are hoping to curate talks that go deeper and provide insight for people who are deeply invested in the world of making.