Kejo Buchanan

Kejo is an information professional with a strong background in human services data leading content and policy for the City of Brains Project.  She values the sharing of mental health journeys as building blocks to awareness and resolutions in improving the services in our community.

Patrick Connolly

Patrick is interested in liquid democracy, the changing nature of work, and quasi-antagonistic approaches to systems change. Patrick is the project lead for Councilmatic Toronto, which aims to make the affairs of city hall more accessible to regular citizens.

Hana Nagel

Hana merges her passion for social change and love of design by focusing on user experience, with a special interest in civic technology. Hana is entering her second year of graduate studies at the University of Toronto’s iSchool and is the design lead for Refugees Welcome Toronto.

Garry Ing

Garry is a designer and technologist based in Toronto. He is currently a Product Designer at and part of the Toronto Mesh Net project: an infrastructure to provide open, lower-cost access to the World Wide Web .

Christina Hug

Christina Hug is the founder of The Makers Nation, an organization focused on coalescing the arts, tech, design, and maker communities in cities around the world. Bringing together innovators, thinkers and doers from all ends of the creative spectrum to meet, collaborate, learn and, make things. She was previously the Director of Community at YouNoodle […]

Donn Pasiliao

Donn Pasiliao is an educator, with a strong passion for engineering and child development. As an instructor, he dedicates himself to inspiring wonder to children through making and technology at STEAMLabs. Prior to entering education, Donn has also worked as an engineer in a variety of industries. He previously held positions as a Mechanical Design […]

Ashley Jane Lewis

Ashley Jane Lewis is a 26 year old Interactive Artist and Youth Tech Educator. She has recently been listed into the Top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada 2016. As an senior undergrad in the New Media Program at Ryerson University, Lewis designed The Obama Board, a keyboard that swaps the sound of the […]

Sheila Sampath

  Sheila Sampath is an educator and activist designer who has been crafting creative for social good since 2003. Former chair of the board of directors at the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multi-cultural Women Against Rape, she has a background in grassroots activism and organizing which she incorporates into her strategic approach to graphic design and […]